Our Story

As the first customized fast hotpot in the United States, we are proud to offer you a taste of the famous Szechuan Cuisine called, “Mao Cai” (pronounced “mao tsai”).  

Mao Cai is a personalized, single-serving Hotpot for each individual customer.  There is a saying, “Hotpot is the group while Mao Cai is the hotpot for individual.”  The ingredients are specially prepared by the chef, so the cooking time is just right for each ingredient.  It’s quick, delicious, and perfect for your modern day, fast-paced lifestyle.  

The word Mao (冒) refers to the process of blanching ingredients, which is a method of cooking that keeps the ingredients in the soup guaranteed fresh, tender, and succulent.  There is no limitation to what you can have in your Mao Cai!

The soup is made up of seasonal fresh vegetables and high-quality meats, in a bone broth of 32+ herbs and spices.  These harmonious flavors come together to provide a hotpot experience unlike any other. Mao Cai’s broth is both drinkable and delicious. It is the new healthier alternative to hot pot.  

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to Szechuan, China for a bowl of Mao Cai, as Earth Kitchen brings Szechuan's Mao Cai straight to You!